Fractured Origins EP

by James Lucas



These are 3 songs that were initially intended to be on my upcoming album "Structures." I decided to put these out on a pre-album release EP. Enjoy!


released March 2, 2012



all rights reserved


James Lucas San Francisco, California

James Lucas is a musician from San Francisco California. He started playing metal and punk in his home town, Santa Cruz. Since his retired punk and metal bands he has branched out to indie, electronic, hip hop and folk.
Instagram/Twitter: @jamesyxpoo
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Track Name: Gluttire
Staring through the mirror looking for faults
One day that mirror will stare through you
You live in a fantasy world. Blind with no hope
Your world is fantasy, bullshit and blatancy
Consume at will, devour the world
You make me want to rip out both of my eyes
You’re caught inside the dollar

Beat me at a mirror
So quickly you fall for the trends
Gluttony owns your life
Track Name: On Our Own
A blackened haze clouds my vision
Every time I turn on the news
The President calls his jester
To entertain him and his henchmen
In desperate times we look to the king
Are we all alone and on our own?

Paper thin indecent numbers
The bullet cuts through all of the money
Stockpiled and full of gluttony
We are slowly drowning at home

The lottery isn’t enough to wipe our sins away
When will we see the day that all of our assets are drained?
Are we all alone and on our own?
Track Name: Pale Horse
My mind is a mess from all of this shit
My teeth are clenched and I’m pitching a fit
Such a saturnine temperament
Divided, we fell by my movement
I bury my feelings deep inside
Insomnia takes over my mind
Apologies are a waste of time
this time you’ve said your final goodbye
...and it brings me down

The pale horse has come for me
His plans are, indeed, to take me away
Melancholy is my best friend, it treats me well until the end
My eyes red from counting the minutes
Why didn’t I just make compliments?
instead I chose pure ignorance
It brings me down
I walk alone now